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Simon Kaiser
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Welcome to the Drone Operator Suite, your one-stop solution for effortlessly managing every aspect of your drone business. Our Notion templates are specifically designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming tasks involved in setting up your business, securing flight approvals, and seamlessly administering your daily operations. With our cloud-based solution, you can streamline your workflow, stay organized, and effortlessly keep track of all your important tasks. Say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of managing a drone business, and hello to the Drone Operator Suite.



  • Introduction: Landing page, FAQ, legal disclaimer, and user guide
  • General: Policy, mission, vision, values, news, and events
  • Marketing & Sales, Finance, and Reporting: Business tools and resources
  • Communication: Contact information, people directory, and chat capabilities
  • Remote Pilots, Training: Training programs, records, and syllabi
  • Fleet & Infrastructure: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Drones, Equipment & Infrastructure
  • Operations & Standard Operating Procedures (Flight Planning, External Services and Systems, Unexpected Weather & Tactical Mitigations, Pre-flight and Post-flight Inspections, Normal Flight Procedures Variant A and B, Contingency Procedures), Document Change Process, Maintenance Plan, and Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Project Set-up & Tasks: Pilots licensing and training, the concept of operation, insurance coverage, company registration, fleet management, operation manual creation, compliance with a standard scenario (STS), specific operations risk assessment (SORA), application for flight operations in the category "specific"
  • Logs: Flight logs, maintenance logs, and incident and accident reports
  • Approvals & Certificates: Company approvals, insurance, operation manuals, regulatory information, and abbreviations
  • Resources: IT resources, community, customization support, and help documentation

Why you need it
Struggling with administrative tasks and paperwork to obtain flight permissions? Let Drone Operator Suite ease your burden with our streamlined solution. Our powerful web application helps you manage safety and quality, train your flight crew, and schedule maintenance. With Drone Operator Suite, obtaining flight approvals is easier, so you can focus on growing your business. Experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity with Drone Operator Suite. Save time and resources, and reduce paperwork with our all-in-one solution.

Try our demo template today and see how Drone Operator Suite can take your drone business to new heights.

Demo: https://snovit.notion.site/Drone-Operator-Suite-1af18282397a46d98f2e16c5e2d8a6d3

Industry Standards and Regulations:
The Drone Operator Suite templates are tailored to meet industry standards and designed based on the EASA regulatory framework, making them an ideal solution for drone operators in Europe. However, the templates are also highly customizable, enabling users to easily adapt and comply with other regulatory frameworks and jurisdictions. This flexibility and convenience make the Drone Operator Suite an attractive option for drone operators worldwide.


- all in English, or
- semi-translated German and English

Confidentiality & Security:
The creator has no influence on the pages and databases of any duplicated Drone Operator Suite after the purchase. Data is stored by the reliable IT provider Notion.so, who will not sell your information.


- Free kick-off introduction meeting with the creator
- Discord community

Made by: Simon Kaiser, from https://drohnen.tech for https://notion.so
Join me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/s-kaiser/

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Drone Operator Suite on Notion - Your one-stop solution for effortlessly managing every aspect of your drone business.


Drone Operator Suite on Notion

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